Cottage Home and Duplex Living

The Duplexes and Cottage homes at Woodcrest eliminate the headaches of home ownership.  They preserve your independence and freedom, allowing you to enjoy active retirement to the fullest.  The Woodcrest staff provides assistance with the tasks of home ownership that can become burdensome and interfere with carefree retirement.

To explore Cottage Home or Duplex living, please call us!

Apartment Living

Woodcrest Apartments provide security and peace of mind by having neighbors and support staff near by.  The apartment is your private home and you can decorate and furnish it the way you want it.

Our large public areas, including the Chapel, Activity Room with beverages and snacks, and several lounge areas,  are ideal for visiting with friends and family.    The Board Room is available for meetings or private family gatherings.

To explore Apartment living further,  please call us!