"...and he saw Him and he was moved with compassion." (Luke 10:33)

Woodcrest Senior Living Community is part of the Grove Manor Family

which is a non-profit corporation affiliated with the Allegheny Region of the Churches of God.  We are committed to the Christian vision of hope and healing.

We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of each unique person, that our residents are providentially entrusted into our care, and that we are called to share in Christ's compassion and ministry to them.

Our mission at Woodcrest is to offer quality and holistic care to our ill and aged residents, and to provide them a loving and compassionate environment, attending carefully to their physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

Our aim is to ensure a comfortable, well maintained facility, a high quality food service, an array of professional services, a variety of social and recreational activities and a Biblically based, interdenominational spiritual ministry.